Saturday, September 10, 2016

Let's Celebrate Batman Day a bit early!!

DC has planned a huge celebration day this year for the Batman Comics and we thought we'd join in - but life happens and my etsy shop will be closed that day.  Sooooo - I thought why not celebrate 2 weeks early (that way you should have your orders for Batman day!).  Place an order today with the coupon code "BATMANDAY" and you'll get 15% off.  This offer is good on Batman inspired products only!

Remember though this is for one day only -
September 10th, 2016!

You can find these Batman inspired products in my etsy shop right now:

Thursday, September 8, 2016


For today only in celebration of Star Trek first airing 50 years ago - enter the code "STARTREK" for free shipping on any purchase of Star Trek Inspired merchandise in my etsy shop - - LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

T-Rex's and Tiaras

I have a friend whose one and only granddaughter asked for a dinosaur party for her third birthday.  We brainstormed on how to make it what her granddaughter wanted but still girly and T-Rex's and Tiaras is what we came up with.  All of the components for this party are available in my etsy shop in case you have a princess who sometimes would rather roar! 

T-Rex's & Tiaras Party Set

T-Rex's & Tiaras Princess Cupcake Wraps

T-Rex's & Tiaras Tutu Birthday Wreath

T-Rex's & Tiaras Dinosaur Foot Prints

T-Rex's & Tiaras Photo Booth Props

T-Rex's & Tiaras Birthday Banner

T-Rex's & Tiaras T-shirt

Happy 3rd Birthday Anni!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Celebrating 50 years of Star Trek!

My husband is a HUGE Star Trek fan so for his 50th birthday this year we have celebrated in true trekkie form, especially since Star Trek is celebrating it's 50th anniversary as well!

Not only did we attend the 50th Anniversary Convention in Dallas this year, we thru him a birthday party at home to celebrate this milestone birthday as well. 

I even designed a few Star Trek party decorations that you can now find in my etsy store in case you are planning a Star Trek celebration of your own!

Star Trek Party Set

Star Trek Centerpiece

Live Long & Prosper Banner

Star Trek Photo Booth Props

Trekkie In Training Infant thru Youth Sizes T-shirt

Live long and prosper everyone!  Happy Birthday Stephen & Star Trek!  #DaydreamsAndSweetThings #StarTrek #StarTrek50