Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Life at our house...

I was told yesterday that I needed to update my blog, so here goes.  We moved into the house at Oxford Hill and well, let's just say, it's keeping us busy.  We have now had all 4300 sq. ft. of flooring replace with a variety of carpet, hard wood, vinyl, and laminates.  We have also cracked open 41 - yes 41 - gallons of paint.  We are still on the inside and still have to paint the outside.  So much work completed and yet so much more to do!  New countertops were put in last week as well as shelving for the pantry and laundry.  It is a work in progress!  I'll post pictures of before and after later.

The girls went back to school Monday - so different to have my house quiet again during the day.  I am trying to be a good steward of my time and work on projects in the house before they get home in the afternoons.  I still love sitting down with them to listen all about their days and don't want to be so consumed with this house that I miss that time with my girls. 

Hannah & I went last week to visit my parents in Berea, KY and then to my father-in-law's home in Borden, IN.  We had a nice time with both but I have to admit being at my father-in-law's stresses me out a bit.  Don't get me wrong, I love him dearly and enjoy the time with him.  I just worry so much about him, his health, and his being alone.  So wish he would just come live with us, but as of right now, he's not willing to give up his independence.  Unfortunately, I think they time may come soon when he won't have a choice.  I've been home for several days and have already had multiple calls from him regarding his next appointments and it looks like Monday I will traveling the four hours back to take care of more healthcare appointments with him.  So, I have a few more days to be here at home working on this new home so I better get busy...have a great day everyone!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Big Changes Ahead

We listed our home of six years (longest we've ever lived anywhere!) in January and in March we sold it!!!  After alot of phone calls, bids, tears, and prayers, we finally have a contract on another house on Oxford Hill.  It's a gorgeous home (at least the bones are!).  It's a foreclosure and the last inhabitors didn't leave it in the best condition.  We will be putting a lot of "LOVE" (aka elbow grease and many trips to Home Depot) into this home, but feel sure that when we have it completed, it will serve nicely as our "forever home" - or at least our "forever home in Illinois".  I will be posting pictures soon of all the befores, durings, and afters.  We really have a huge job on our hands but one we are looking forward to.  This home will give us the space we need for two college age daughters, one will get the huge room she wanted, the other will get her own art studio.  It also gives us the space if Grampy wants to come live with us.  We will be packing up our current home on May 7-9 and closing on it May 11th.  We are currently scheduled to close on Oxford Hill on May 25 but are hopeful that we can move that date up.  Wish us luck - big adventures ahead!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Neat Blog for Scrapbookers...

I found a neat scrapbook store online last week and have already signed up for their monthly kit. For all my scrapbooking friends, you might want to check them out...
I'm hoping to make a trip to Springfield, MO this spring to check their store as well as Elsie Flannigan's out. Anyone up for a road trip???

Time for changes...

Well, I have managed to clean every room on the first and second floors as well as every closet on those two floors. We got all the Christmas decorations put away and have listed the house with a realtor. We are hoping and praying that this will help us sell this home faster and move onto a home that fits us now. We have worked so hard on this house, but when we bought it, it was our "just for 3 years" home and we had different priorities then. Now that Stephen has retired from the AF and the girls are grown and away at college, it would be nice to have a home with the master suite on the first floor and a more open layout. That is what we are working towards! This past year has been filled with sooooo many changes for our family, but here's hoping for one more~