Friday, April 20, 2012

Big Changes Ahead

We listed our home of six years (longest we've ever lived anywhere!) in January and in March we sold it!!!  After alot of phone calls, bids, tears, and prayers, we finally have a contract on another house on Oxford Hill.  It's a gorgeous home (at least the bones are!).  It's a foreclosure and the last inhabitors didn't leave it in the best condition.  We will be putting a lot of "LOVE" (aka elbow grease and many trips to Home Depot) into this home, but feel sure that when we have it completed, it will serve nicely as our "forever home" - or at least our "forever home in Illinois".  I will be posting pictures soon of all the befores, durings, and afters.  We really have a huge job on our hands but one we are looking forward to.  This home will give us the space we need for two college age daughters, one will get the huge room she wanted, the other will get her own art studio.  It also gives us the space if Grampy wants to come live with us.  We will be packing up our current home on May 7-9 and closing on it May 11th.  We are currently scheduled to close on Oxford Hill on May 25 but are hopeful that we can move that date up.  Wish us luck - big adventures ahead!