Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Living Room Tour...

The "BEFORE" pictures of our Living Room

We couldn't move into our house until we had the carpet replaced.  We were told by the realtor that the prior owners had left a dog in the house for a few weeks while they moved out.  Don't know if that is true or not, but something had been left in the house.  The living room wasn't as bad as some of the other rooms, but a hammer had been taken to the top of the hearth and there were lots of holes in the walls.
One thing that selling the old house taught me is that I live better in color.  I think everyone is different, but I definitely need color.  This is the living room after we added new carpet, painted, and decorated.  We used lots of Longaberger wrought iron and spice market fabric (throws, pillows).  The burnt red couches, clock and burlap prints are from Pier1, the glass lamps from Hobby Lobby, and the gold buffalo plaid pillows and fabric are from Country Curtains.

Surprisingly the bookcases are actually from Target - people are always amazed by that.  I think it's so funny! You probably can't see them very well but on the top mixed in with the old jugs and Longaberger baskets are two hats - one is my grandpa's coal mine hat and the other is my dh's grandfather's state construction hardhat.  We wanted to use things in our home that represented the people we love.

My amazing Uncle built and upholstered the round ottoman for me and a talented seamstress in our town covered the cornices that my husband built.
Thanks for taking a peek at our updated living room!  Still working on the rest but will post more here soon.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Our Home Redone...

A year ago we bought this home...This is what it looked like about 3 months ago - that's after I trimmed all the bushes, painted the shutters, trim, and door, replaced the roof, mulched everything (except the ivy circle I was trying to kill).  I can't find the picture of it when we first moved in - and I think it's safe to say that it looks a lot different.  The house had been reprocessed and I don't think the prior owners were thrilled.  They left all four toilet seats broken, holes in the walls, took a hammer to the fireplace, ripped out shelves, rips in the linoleum, broken appliances, and to beat it all - they left a dog in the house for what we've been told was a couple of weeks.  Talk about disgusting!  All the flooring had to be removed immediately, we've purchased 42 gallons of paint, and replaced a TON of other stuff inside.  Over the next few weeks I will try posting some of befores and afters.  It has been a true journey - at times a struggle - but it's become our home and we are loving that.