Wednesday, August 17, 2016

T-Rex's and Tiaras

I have a friend whose one and only granddaughter asked for a dinosaur party for her third birthday.  We brainstormed on how to make it what her granddaughter wanted but still girly and T-Rex's and Tiaras is what we came up with.  All of the components for this party are available in my etsy shop in case you have a princess who sometimes would rather roar! 

T-Rex's & Tiaras Party Set

T-Rex's & Tiaras Princess Cupcake Wraps

T-Rex's & Tiaras Tutu Birthday Wreath

T-Rex's & Tiaras Dinosaur Foot Prints

T-Rex's & Tiaras Photo Booth Props

T-Rex's & Tiaras Birthday Banner

T-Rex's & Tiaras T-shirt

Happy 3rd Birthday Anni!

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