Monday, December 23, 2013

Basement Library/Playroom

When we first looked at this house, we couldn't quite figure out what to do with this room in the basement.  Obviously, it couldn't be a bedroom with the French doors and it was too small to be anyhow.  There is a large office upstairs for Stephen, so we didn't need it for that.  I have a scrapbook room in the basement so we didn't need it for that.  Then finally, it dawned on us - make it a place for games and kids.  We so want this house to accommodate every one that visits us.  What about the kids?

 So we decided that's what it would be.  We quickly went to work.  Laminate flooring was put down and the walls were painted a bright yellow.  Blinds went up, as well as an oak cornice that my dad had made for another house of ours years ago.  On that went valance that my mom had made for our last home.  An old desk we had purchased from Target and new bookcases from Target as well. 
 A trip to Chicago (always fun) to hit Ikea up for the bright red chairs and book ledges.  Then we simply went thru boxes of books and games the girls had collected thru the years to fill all the nooks and crannies.  I truly believe in using what you already have. 
We already had the Disney prints from a previous family room.  One of our favorite things is that we can now display our Mr. Potato Head collection.  The girls had some of these when they were little.  When our great-nephew, Miles, was born I wanted a way that we could connect with him. Unfortunately lots of miles separate us and I didn't want every time that we saw him for it to take the whole time for him to warm up to us.

 We decided on simple Mr. Potato Heads - an inexpensive toy but it was "our thing".  He's four now and his (and our) collection has grown quite a bit.  He knows that every time we see him and in every birthday and Christmas package there will be a Mr. Potato Head though.  Such a simple thing but we enjoy it so much!

Back to the room though...Since these pictures were taken we have also added a red and white rug (another Ikea find).  When are niece and nephew came to visit this past spring, they enjoyed the games and having a place to draw/color.  It's so nice that this house truly is accommodating our family and we are being able to do so by simply repurposing lots that we already had!

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