Monday, December 23, 2013

Bits and Pieces of Christmas Decor (Upstairs)

Christmas at our home...I truly believe in simple décor and meaningful décor.  Adding to what you already have out in your home and not replacing all your décor for Christmas décor.

I don't change can add a garland to a light fixture, a few banners or such to your décor.

Natural element to already existing décor - like this spray on the hallway mirror.

Adding a few evergreens and ribbon to an already existing container.

Collect Christmas ornaments that mean something to you...our tree in the dining room is full of Eddie Walker ornaments that we have collected for over 20 years.

You don't have to change out every candle and every accent.

Just add a bow or a bit of greenery to things you already display.

A garland here and there (and if their not lit, you can take a $5 strand of lights and wind through them like I did in the above garland).  I also changed very few things on our bookcases - just tucked in more of our Eddie Walker's here and there.

Add ribbon to a light fixture.  Greenery and stockings to your chair.  (Side note - during our 20+ years in the Air Force, we lived in base housing - no fireplace in sight - so we tied our stockings to the kitchen chairs.  When we finally moved to a home with a fireplace, I went to hang our stockings on the fireplace and our girls just didn't think they should go there - so back to the chairs they went!  The tradition was more important than the interior design.  Honor yours in your home!)

Apothecary jars are amazing!  You can put the simpliest things in them and they look festive.  Marshmallows, candy, etc. - always makes your home look festive!

We back lit our nativity this year and I really liked it.  We also wanted it in a place where we would see it the most.  For us, in our living room the tv is pretty much the center of attention, so we decided to put it in the view of the tv - you can't watch a show without the nativity being in your sight at all times.

We used to put a military tree up - with all the military ornaments Stephen collected thru the years.  Again, in an effort to simplify the ornaments are now wired onto a garland that simply goes on the window.  All the airplanes on are wire hanging down so they appear to be "flying".  Since it's all wired, it can simply come down and be placed in a Rubbermaid container and pulled back out next year.

Poinsettas or any seasonal flower can add a bit a cheer tucked into a nook. 

Another collection - this time Mary Engelbreit.  Love her style and I split my collection between a guest room and my scrapbook room (it's in the basement and will be in a later post).

 An accent her and there or a toss pillow.  Add a floral spray in an unexpected spot.
Wrapping paper that coordinates with your décor doesn't hurt either - thanks Mary!

This is another guest room - wreath in an expected spot.  Simple ribbon and greener tied to a lamp that's in the room all year.  Small toss pillow is an easy accent as well.

Another family treasure - a nativity that my dad made us years ago.

Tuck ornaments in a bowl or hang for a curtain rod for a simple decoration.  I leave the ribbons on them when I pack them away - next year it will take 5 minutes to hang them on the rod again.

Another example of a very simple addition of greenery to add a festive look to your already existing décor.  I have really tried to simplify our home this year.  I want it to look nice, but I have switched to pieces that are so simple to put out and decorate and just as simple to take down.
Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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